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Good Morning,
As many of you know, schools in Pott county, and I'm guessing Harrison and Shelby counties, are closing at least for the next two weeks. There was a tweet last night from the governor saying she suggested closing for up to four weeks. I'm not sure if that will be the case but with our league, we needed to decide what we're going to do.
Therefore, we won't have our scheduling meeting on the 25th of March. We will reevaluate when we get a clearer picture as to when the kids will be able to go back to school. If it's April then so be it. I'm not ready to, nor will I, cancel the season unless it's 100% necessary. With that being said, if you or your parents are still nervous about playing, I totally get it.
Some things to think about as we extend the dates:
1) can/will any of your teams or kids move up to 13u?
2) if we do get started in late April, will you/parents be ok with going a bit after the 4th of July?
3) do we want to keep the schedule as is?
I won't reply to all of them but will put something together to send out for a vote when it gets closer to our schedule date. Again, please be safe and take care.
Andy Vanfossan


 GAME RESULTS: Please email scores to scores@wibbl.org so they can be posted.  (*Winning team is responsible for turning score in*)

MEETINGS:   Rules Meeting and Scheduling Meeting: 


Birth Certificates: Some people have been hesitant to supply certificates to Wibbl for privacy. Completely understand that. However, a coach or parent should be able to supply that instantly at a request of Wibbl official. This would be demanded should a team or another coach request and investigation into the age of the player. In case of tournament time, they should be on premisis to avoid any conflict. A player may be asked to sit out should there be any doubt as to proper age and no proof can be provided at the time of the game.

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League Dates 2020:

A) Information/Scheduling Meeting   PPD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

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2020 League Fee:

$75 per team  (send registration fee to Andy VanFossan




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